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May 14, 2008



As mentioned already, I have been checking your blog to see the first post from your new country! I remember the same feeling when my family moved to Germany when I was in high school. Everything is so new and exciting. My family visited Amsterdam (toured Ann Frank's house) and Madurodam (saw the miniature city). I'm happy that you decided to go, because life is an adventure and seldom do you get repeat chances to do something this exciting. Have fun, and hope your stuff from the states gets there soon!


I'm still blown away that you live on a different continent now. So glad to know you made it and I can't wait to hear more about it! :o))


Welcome to this country! Glad to see you're getting settled.
Your Ravelry friend Weaverannie


I'm so glad to see you are getting settled and beginning to post again. I've been checking daily waiting to see new pictures! How exciting it must be to move to another country. Can't wait to see more - I hope you are having an incredible time...


Glad you're adjusting! That "unruly" garden is what I dream of. Alas, I live in the burbs and would get cited by the HOA. *Sigh*


Glad you made it and that you sound happy. Your “unruly mess” is simple beautiful.


Glad to know you made it. I met someone on the bus who knew you via email. Small world. Take care.

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