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March 26, 2008



Came here because I was googling for a cream and gold lace weight yarn. The I saw your pictures!! We lived in Eindhoven from 10/06 to 10/07, so we barely missed overlapping. In fact my husband's there right now - we both work for ASML. We enjoyed life in Eindhoven a lot. Have you found the local SnB group yet? if not google for it - there is a Hyves website, though I don't have the link handy. They meet alternate Wednesdays at Ons right by the Katarinakirk in the Centrum,.


BTW: Eindhoven has a great museum: http://www.historisch-openluchtmuseum-eindhoven.nl/
If you can visit in June, you will be able to experience a lot of historical spinning, weaving, fulling (ugh) and fun!


Welcome! Do bring your wheel, don't be afraid you'll have to bring all your fleece stash, you might be able to free me from some of mine ;-)


Hi! Congrats on moving to Holland! How cool! I visited Amsterdam and Madurodam (?spelling) as a teen and remember the diversity of the people there - - it reminded me of NYC. I'm sure you will love it there. I will definitely continue to visit your blog and read about your adventures and travels. Have fun!


I am so excited for you. I did a bit of traveling during college with my then BF, now DH, but we haven't been anywhere really exciting in years. He's considered working overseas and might still do that at some point. Maybe now the kids are older we'll be able to go somewhere in the next couple of years, but for now I'll have to live vicariously.


Wait. You have a boyfriend? Did I know that? ;o)

HOLLAND?!?! That is so. cool.


I'm in a similar boat in Sydney (GF working here for a year, they don't want overseas people doing my job, I'm knitting and have only part of my stash to knit from). I can strongly recommend it! Also, the sister-access-to-stash is great idea, there have been several things I've particularly wanted form mine and it's just not going to happen.

I think you'll find your new country great fun and welcoming, if I'm guessing right (surely I must be!)

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