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January 08, 2007


Jeannie McCluskey

WoW, what a fantastic job you did on the orange Mariposa. Where can I get the pattern? P.S. Your stepmom turned me on to this blog and I am so glad she did! You crack me up!


Awesome! I met the designer of the Mariposa shawl this weekend and thought that was cool. It's pretty, isn't it?


Happy Birthday


Great shawl - and congrats on getting into sample knitting!

Good to see you smiling! ;o)


oh YAY!!!!! TX J is back!!!!!!

Can't wait to see knittin' picks, darlin'.


Congratulations on moving into sample knitting!
(And welcome back! hee hee...)


I was just about to email you, girl, to see what you've been up to! Great shawl! We just had a guild member to be on Knitty Gritty; the episode aired recently. Very exciting.

Can't wait to see more of your FOs! Don't be a stranger:)


Oh, man, I'm doing that for SWTC, too! I have two small-ish patterns - an ADORABLE hat that I don't have the needles for yet, and a small scarf -like thing which has poorly executed construction.


You look great! I miss you!

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